Adjustability that lets you (and your partner) truly sync with your bed

Sync into bed. Cute saying but what does that really mean? It means a great deal. First all the sleep experts say it is important that each sleep partner have the comfort and support that they need in their mattress and go so far as to say to push two twin beds together to get there. A bed that adjusts on each side allow both partners to be happy in the same bed. This is the premise of an airbed and why many people have bought a number bed. The downside with air is to get it to be supportive you have to pump up the bed to a high number. When you do this it starts to get hard and uncomfortable so you let some air out and then you lose support and begin to jack knife into the bed. There is a direct trade off between support and comfort with air. Water on the other hand no matter how full you make it will still give and contour to your body. You can make your izone bed super firm and it still cushes and contours with you. With a number bed you set it lying on your back but when you turn onto your side it doesn’t change and gets too firm. With izone the water displaces as you move and will auto adjust to any position. With a number bed it will only let you adjust each side but with an izone bed you can adjust your side from top to bottom. I am a side sleeper so I have zone 1 and zone 2 set to medium plush and then go firmer through my lumber zones and I actually go even firmer under my knees to support my lower back, then my last two zones I taper back to medium. When I roll onto my back I displace less pressure under my shoulder zones so it self adjusts and firms up there. The physics of it are really cool. Some couples have big disparities in their size and sleep positions. The izone bed can be customized to fit any body and position. There is no better bed feel than a bed that customizes to you and uses a support system that feels absolutely wonderful. Even though the izone bed uses very little water the way it is contained into each engineered latex zone with the adjustable calibrator provides the physics for an amazing night’s sleep. So cute saying or not SYNC is the word that that best describes the izone experience.

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