• To adjust or not adjust- that is the question-

    With the launch of the new izone 2.0 bed we are also introducing a new adjustable base that is a base in a box. It only takes 5 minutes to set-up and you are now able to lift the head or foot to any height you prefer. Have a lower back issue, raise the foot up until you feel that pressure relieve. Snore, raise the head a bit at night so your breathing passages are opened up. It also adjusts to your lifestyle- do you like to read or watch tv in bed? We offer it in Twin XL size which can be linked together to create a split King Size. Add an adjustable base to your izone bed that allows you to customize each side of the bed and you have truly entered the ME zone when it comes to your mattress!

  • What a difference the right pillow can make

    The izone pillow has built in gel calibrators that will grow taut when pressure is applied to them thus pushing back the right amount for each individual giving you the customized neck support you need to get a deep night's sleep. Doesn't matter if you're on your back or side (or do both during the night) the pillow responds to whatever pressure is applied so you always get the correct support level. Sleep for a week on a pillow that gives you the correct neck support and you will see why we say "No More pain in the Neck".

    The pillow is designed to maximize air flow while you breathe. Take notice of your current pillow tonight: does your neck tip toward your chest? This actually blocks your airflow and will cause many people to snore as they aren't getting clear airflow through their sinuses. The izone pillow allows your neck to tilt ever so slightly back so you are positioned to maximize the air flow through your sinuses.

    Best of all you have all this great technology and the pillow is super comfortable! The center of the pillow is filled with alternative down fiber which is fine and silky and lets your head lay in the middle of a fluffy cloud. You don't have to trade out comfort for support and can get to sleep faster and stay there longer.
    A lot goes into the izone pillow- the two gel filled calibrators are made with a high grade vegetable quality gel - (you could eat it but tastes yucky-) that allows for the gel to stay cool inside the pillow all night long. You can also put the calibrators into the refrigerator if you want something extra cool on those hot summer nights. They are made with super thick fiber laminated nylon so they cannot be punctured and survive many years of cooling use. We also use liquid gel infused memory foam that lets the material stay cool and gives it a nice flexible feel. The quality and weight we specify means your pillow will maintain its shape and feel for many years. The quilted high end fabric we use for the washable cover (this also houses the alternative fiber insert) lets you wash your pillow as often as you like. If you suffer from allergies the izone pillow is perfect for you.

    The izone pillow is a great investment (at $99) for your health and sleep quality. It makes a great gift for anyone you know that struggles at night or has neck pain. I was paying $99 per session at my physical therapist so I made it up quickly!

  • Getting the sleep you and your baby need while pregnant

    We got a new review the other day and the heading was It satisfied the pregnant wife. After searching the other reviews I can see we have at least four izone babies born or on the way. If you have had children then you know that last trimester is brutal on your back. It is hard to sleep and there seems to be no surface hard enough to relieve the pressure. This is an example where the izone bed comes to the rescue. As your pregnancy progresses you can make your lumbar zones firmer and those last 2 months super firm so you keep your back aligned. You will sleep much deeper and longer with the proper support. Happy momma hopefully means a happier baby. It certainly will mean a happier spouse. Better yet your spouse can keep their side of the bed at the support levels they like and you both will sleep happy. When super happy baby arrives mom can just set her zones to fit her fabulous post pregnancy self. Stephanie was one of our first moms on an izone bed and she is happy to report that her zones (and body) are back to normal and she and Alexia are sleeping through the night!
    Derek writes:
    " Our bed has been an absolute god-send for my pregnant wife, since she can change the position and zone firmness as she gets further along in her pregnancy."
    I checked in and his wife Bonnie will bring their new baby boy into the world late September. That means her back zones are heading into extra firm territory right about now and she is able to get the critical sleep her body needs.
    izone is the only mattress that you can customize to fit your body as it changes either through pregnancy or the natural spread of time. Everyone is shaped differently and izone can be customized to fit any shape or sleep position. No other bed does this. If you lose weight you can adjust the zones to the proper support level your new hot bod needs. Your spouse can do the same on their side. As your body changes your bed can change with you. With that peace of mind you will sleep like never before!!!

  • Adjustability that lets you (and your partner) truly sync with your bed

    Sync into bed. Cute saying but what does that really mean? It means a great deal. First all the sleep experts say it is important that each sleep partner have the comfort and support that they need in their mattress and go so far as to say to push two twin beds together to get there. A bed that adjusts on each side allow both partners to be happy in the same bed. This is the premise of an airbed and why many people have bought a number bed. The downside with air is to get it to be supportive you have to pump up the bed to a high number. When you do this it starts to get hard and uncomfortable so you let some air out and then you lose support and begin to jack knife into the bed. There is a direct trade off between support and comfort with air. Water on the other hand no matter how full you make it will still give and contour to your body. You can make your izone bed super firm and it still cushes and contours with you. With a number bed you set it lying on your back but when you turn onto your side it doesn’t change and gets too firm. With izone the water displaces as you move and will auto adjust to any position. With a number bed it will only let you adjust each side but with an izone bed you can adjust your side from top to bottom. I am a side sleeper so I have zone 1 and zone 2 set to medium plush and then go firmer through my lumber zones and I actually go even firmer under my knees to support my lower back, then my last two zones I taper back to medium. When I roll onto my back I displace less pressure under my shoulder zones so it self adjusts and firms up there. The physics of it are really cool. Some couples have big disparities in their size and sleep positions. The izone bed can be customized to fit any body and position. There is no better bed feel than a bed that customizes to you and uses a support system that feels absolutely wonderful. Even though the izone bed uses very little water the way it is contained into each engineered latex zone with the adjustable calibrator provides the physics for an amazing night’s sleep. So cute saying or not SYNC is the word that that best describes the izone experience.

  • Really?? It only takes a half hour to set up??

    I am writing this in need to come clean and give full disclosure on how we came up with the 30 minute set-up time. Denny and I (we are professionals) set up our King Size Z3 in 31 minutes. BUT , did I say we are professionals. No need to watch the video or read the instructions. We can fill the calibrators and burp them in just a couple minutes a piece in our laundry room that has a nice deep sink and counter. Did I mention we are professionals? So our customer  Brad who has bought two king izone Z3 beds tells me “no one but you and Denny” could actually set the bed up that fast. It took Carrie and I a good hour to get it done. I am reading the reviews as they come in and sure enough There is a theme- easy to do (it’s super simple)but a bit more time consuming than I expected. So here is the reality times for set-up for you non-professionals – yes a twin size will take a half hour, double about 45 mins, queen and king a good hour.  Again it is super simple- no tools needed. Your sleep health is worth one good hour of time investment………….Keep in mind if you buy at The Bedroom Store they will do it all for you for $99!

  • To Float or Not to Float

    We designed the izone bed to have a “free floating” memory foam comfort layer. This allows for unrestricted contouring as you move in the bed.  If you have an adjustable base your “free floating” comfort layer may shift to or fro depending on how you adjust your bed. You can simply unzip the top and reposition if need be but if you don’t like to “float” you can place your comfort layer directly on top of the zones engineered latex and zip the gray inner lining over it and your comfort layer will no longer shift/float.  Most izoners prefer to free float but you have the option to customize the bed if you prefer not to.

  • What’s with all the 5 Star Reviews?

    Yesterday we got our first 4 star review. We have mixed feelings as we had customers review our website and they said when they only see 5 star reviews they think they are planted reviews. None of our reviews are planted!! We have only gotten 5 stars so far! So we were kinda happy to get a 4 star since this may help people trust the reviews more. BUT…….OK he said the bed ( Z2) was great and we think the lower rating was due to a zipper design feature on the inner liner. We don’t want to appear defensive but the double zipper is on the removable washable cover so you can easily take it on and off to wash it- which you should do every few months. You will rarely access the other zipper thus the reason to make it a single zipper. Anyhooo we realize we need to get over it, we are selling beds as fast as we can make them and the reviews will keep rolling in so we can’t defend every issue that arises, can we???

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