Really?? It only takes a half hour to set up??

I am writing this in need to come clean and give full disclosure on how we came up with the 30 minute set-up time. Denny and I (we are professionals) set up our King Size Z3 in 31 minutes. BUT , did I say we are professionals. No need to watch the video or read the instructions. We can fill the calibrators and burp them in just a couple minutes a piece in our laundry room that has a nice deep sink and counter. Did I mention we are professionals? So our customer  Brad who has bought two king izone Z3 beds tells me “no one but you and Denny” could actually set the bed up that fast. It took Carrie and I a good hour to get it done. I am reading the reviews as they come in and sure enough There is a theme- easy to do (it’s super simple)but a bit more time consuming than I expected. So here is the reality times for set-up for you non-professionals – yes a twin size will take a half hour, double about 45 mins, queen and king a good hour.  Again it is super simple- no tools needed. Your sleep health is worth one good hour of time investment………….Keep in mind if you buy at The Bedroom Store they will do it all for you for $99!

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