What a difference the right pillow can make

The izone pillow has built in gel calibrators that will grow taut when pressure is applied to them thus pushing back the right amount for each individual giving you the customized neck support you need to get a deep night's sleep. Doesn't matter if you're on your back or side (or do both during the night) the pillow responds to whatever pressure is applied so you always get the correct support level. Sleep for a week on a pillow that gives you the correct neck support and you will see why we say "No More pain in the Neck".

The pillow is designed to maximize air flow while you breathe. Take notice of your current pillow tonight: does your neck tip toward your chest? This actually blocks your airflow and will cause many people to snore as they aren't getting clear airflow through their sinuses. The izone pillow allows your neck to tilt ever so slightly back so you are positioned to maximize the air flow through your sinuses.

Best of all you have all this great technology and the pillow is super comfortable! The center of the pillow is filled with alternative down fiber which is fine and silky and lets your head lay in the middle of a fluffy cloud. You don't have to trade out comfort for support and can get to sleep faster and stay there longer.
A lot goes into the izone pillow- the two gel filled calibrators are made with a high grade vegetable quality gel - (you could eat it but tastes yucky-) that allows for the gel to stay cool inside the pillow all night long. You can also put the calibrators into the refrigerator if you want something extra cool on those hot summer nights. They are made with super thick fiber laminated nylon so they cannot be punctured and survive many years of cooling use. We also use liquid gel infused memory foam that lets the material stay cool and gives it a nice flexible feel. The quality and weight we specify means your pillow will maintain its shape and feel for many years. The quilted high end fabric we use for the washable cover (this also houses the alternative fiber insert) lets you wash your pillow as often as you like. If you suffer from allergies the izone pillow is perfect for you.

The izone pillow is a great investment (at $99) for your health and sleep quality. It makes a great gift for anyone you know that struggles at night or has neck pain. I was paying $99 per session at my physical therapist so I made it up quickly!

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