What’s with all the 5 Star Reviews?

Yesterday we got our first 4 star review. We have mixed feelings as we had customers review our website and they said when they only see 5 star reviews they think they are planted reviews. None of our reviews are planted!! We have only gotten 5 stars so far! So we were kinda happy to get a 4 star since this may help people trust the reviews more. BUT…….OK he said the bed ( Z2) was great and we think the lower rating was due to a zipper design feature on the inner liner. We don’t want to appear defensive but the double zipper is on the removable washable cover so you can easily take it on and off to wash it- which you should do every few months. You will rarely access the other zipper thus the reason to make it a single zipper. Anyhooo we realize we need to get over it, we are selling beds as fast as we can make them and the reviews will keep rolling in so we can’t defend every issue that arises, can we???

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