The Ultimate Hybrid Bed

The Ultimate Hybrid Bed

izone Uses Air, Water and Memory Foam Like Never Before

Why izone is Better Than...AIR BEDS

When you examine a Sleep Number® bed* by Select Comfort®* (or any of the other airbeds on the market) you may find there is a direct trade off between comfort and support. If you have a high number you want extra support, but as you add more air to the bed the firmer and less contouring the mattress becomes. On the contrary, as you release air to make the bed more contouring you lose support and the heavier parts of your body sink and you begin to jack knife into the bed. While most airbeds offer adjustability on each side of the bed they do not offer adjustablity down the entire length of each side. Through extensive R & D we determined seven zones evenly placed down the length of both sides of the the bed to be ideal to get the best all night support.

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Why izone is Better Than...WATER BEDS

Each izone calibrator (queen size) averages 95 fluid ounces and weighs 7 lbs. Even though this is a very small volume of water, it is distributed throughout seven calibrators evenly placed down the length of each side of the bed. These calibrators are then enveloped by an articulating “T” structured engineered latex foam support layer. A surface layer of ventilated memory foam rounds out the unique construction of the izone bed so you can experience the positive pressure free contouring and support that water can bring without any of the negative. Easy to move, no heat or chemicals required, easy to set up, no weight issues, etc…A traditional waterbed feels very contouring when you get in but may lack the proper support structure so your back may begin to hurt sooner rather than later. izone’s calibrators push back against your body where you need support the most so you feel perfectly supported all night and wake up completely renewed.

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Why izone is Better Than...FOAM BEDS

All foam beds, like Tempurpedic®** or Casper®***, are blocks of foam that have to absorb your body pressure. Over time this often results in a body impression forming into your mattress. Foam beds generally have several layers of foam glued together to form a foam block. Over a period of time your body weight will break down the top layer of foam and degrade the support structure causing your bed to soften and change the comfort and support in your mattress.

With izone the pressure gets absorbed by the calibrators so the surrounding support and comfort foam will keep it's original shape and remain impression free.

Both memory foam and latex foam can sleep hot and over time may develop moisture and mold issues. Memory Foam is slow response foam so when it is used as the main support system it has to re-form each time you move and light sleepers will report that this wakes them up. izone only uses a surface amount of memory foam and we ventilate it, so again you get the best feature without any of the negative.

The izone bed has a breathable channel venting feature that allows fresh air to flow in and out of the mattress keeping your mattress cool and dry. Ordinary foam beds can retain moisture from your perspiration which can then collect in the foam, creating an optimal environment for micro-organism growth.

We love the feel of latex but because it can sleep hot and make you uncomfortable we engineered our own foam. It has the bouncy feel of latex but it is compromised of open cells that circulate air so it breathes and does not hold moisture or heat.

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Why izone is Better Than...MODULAR SYSTEM BEDS

Why limit the adjustability of your bed with a modular system that limits you to an either/or option? With izone you can adjust your feel and support from super plush to super firm and everything in between from your head down to your toes. There's no gap forming flipping and turning of components - you simply adjust your calibrators to your preferred comfort level and get an incredible night's sleep. Your body pressure is absorbed by the calibrators so the rest of your mattress maintains its shape and will last much longer than a regular mattress. With that built in bed bug barrier and zip off washable top it stays clean and fresh for a lifetime!


One of our key goals when creating izone was to make sure it was affordable for most people. The other technologies are often aspirational for people but simply unattainable. What’s the point of creating the best bed ever but then price it so only the few can buy it! Obviously this limits our marketing funds but we have faith that everyone who buys one will tell everyone they know how great it is and we can grow organically. We took the best of each of the key mattress technologies and eliminated the negatives to create the Ultimate hybrid of Air, Water and Memory Foam!

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