Cooling, supportive bed pillow
izone pillow


No Flip Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

The izone is cools and supports your head

No More Pain In The Neck

Introducing the only pillow that cradles your head and neck to provide just the right amount of support based on your size and preferred sleep position. And it keeps you cool while doing it! Our unique pillow combines the comfort of gel fiber and the cool, contouring support of gel memory foam. Removable gel cylinders add to the refreshing cool feel for a great night's sleep.

When you lay your head on the izone memory foam pillow, the cool gel cylinder is compressed until it becomes taut. The cylinder is then able to naturally contour to your neck in order to keep you properly aligned. The fluffy gel fiber in the middle of the pillow bears the weight of your head without uncomfortable pressure.

We designed the izone pillow so that one pillow will fit all. The higher, raised end of the pillow is for taller, side sleepers. The lower, shorter end of the pillow provides ideal support for back sleepers, or smaller side sleepers. The last thing you need is a pillow that either positions your head too far forward or allows it to bend too far back. Our gently sloping design ensures that no matter what your size or sleep position our pillow will fill the gap between your head, neck and the mattress to keep you properly aligned.

Happiness Is the Cold Side of the Pillow

If you are a ‘pillow flipper’ that loves that awesome moment when you put your head down on the cold side of your pillow, then you will really appreciate the removable gel tubes inside the izone pillow. When you want extra cooling just remove the tubes and put in your refrigerator. Once you put them back in the pillow you will be able to experience that awesome 'just flipped' feeling, only better. The cooled gel cylinders are much more effective at keeping you in that blissful cool state than merely flipping your pillow all night long. Air can also freely circulate through the oval channels that the cylinders rest in.

The cooling properties of our unique pillow were also a factor when we designed the pillow’s cover. Instead of a non-breathable fabric that can trap heat, we use a 3D mesh side panel that allows hot air to escape and cool air to recirculate. The izone pillow cover is also removable and machine washable and dryable, ensuring your pillow remains clean and fresh for as long as you own it.


Two oval channels, gel fiber and 3D mesh sides provide continuous airflow all night long, keeping you cool and dry.


The cooling gel cylinders will grow taut as weight is applied, providing the exact natural support each person needs.


Removable cool gel tubes can be put in the refrigerator to remove excess heat build-up from your neck or head.

Features 2 cool gel cylinders that contour to the shape of your head and neck for amazing all night comfort and support.

What are you Waiting for

Experience the izone Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

No flip cool pillow

2 Cooling Gel Cylinders

Contour to the shape of your head and neck for amazing contouring comfort

Gel Fiber Comfort Zone

Adds a fluffy plush feel and provides a smooth transition between the contouring cool gel cylinders

Breathable 3D Mesh Fabric Sides

The side panels allow for refreshing air flow

Removable, Machine Washable Cover

Keeps your pillow fresh for as long as you own it

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