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Great Review by Dar
Loved mine until my dog got hold of it and chewed it up. (Posted on 1/11/19)
To firm Review by Dar
The pillows are very comfortable but I found the cooling bags inside to make it to firm and put my head at an uncomfortable angle. I took them out and now love the pillow. My wife still has hers in and sleeps fine. I guess it all depends on your preference. Other than that, great pillows (Posted on 5/4/17)
Great support. Review by Phoneman
This pillow is the perfect pillow for any sleeping position. Great support any way you use it. (Posted on 4/6/17)
Comfortable neck support Review by Scarlet
This is the first pillow I have ever owned that actually supports my neck all night and is comfortable too. I start out on my back and then turn onto my side during the night and the pillow supports you the same in either position. My old pillow use to force my head in a down position, my izone pillow positions your head slightly upward so you breathe better during the night. It took me a couple days to get used to the change but now I can never go back. I just hauled it with me on a trip........ (Posted on 4/28/16)
No More Pain Review by SportsFan
I have spent years trying to find the right pillow. i am a back sleeper to start the night, then eventually roll to my side during the night. i used to have a gel fiber pillow that i ritually (partially) rolled up each night so it would support my neck and my head would then be on the fluffy part of the pillow. I was in a car accident in High School and my neck has given me a lot of pain ever since, especially while i am trying to sleep. This did work to help me fall asleep but invariably i would move and my pillow roll would flatten out and gave me no support. i have tried a contour memory foam pillow, which did support my neck, but it was uncomfortable, hot and felt like my head was in a trough. The design of the izone pillow gives me the support i need all night long. The gel cylinders and the gel memory foam keeps me cool. I like the fluffy feel under my head. The best news is that my neck is pain free! My wife likes the pillow too because she says i don't snore much anymore. I can actually say this pillow has made a difference in my life. (Posted on 4/15/16)

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