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5 stars
We love this bed so much we named it “Beddy”. It is exciting to wake up rested, happy and pain free.

- Bo Matthews -
(92.3 WIL Radio Host - St. Louis' Country Music Radio)
5 stars
It's not often that I find myself writing a product review. Correction; I have never written or have ever felt compelled to write a review…….until today. To say that my new izone Bed satisfaction level is a “10 out of 10” would be an understatement. This bed is nothing short of amazing. They have created something that certainly transcends the typical over-priced mattress. The iZone Bed, with it’s combination of water and other bedding materials, puts me in a relaxed state the second my head hit’s the pillow. Although the price point was actually below what I was anticipating, the bed will leave you feeling like you are truly indulging yourself…..

- Dan Curran -
St. Louis, MO
5 stars
I'm a believer! My wife and I have literally been on a mission for a decade for the right bed for both of us and this is it. Glad it didn't take us a lifetime to find a bed that fits both of our needs. The iZone Matrix App nailed the customization for us on the first try too! Love it. Thank you Denny, The Bedroom Store​ and iZONE for making my wife and me this comfortable.

- Moon Valjean -
Lead Singer, Greek Fire
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5 stars
When I switched to the iZONE bed, a listener of mine asked why I got rid of the brand name "memory foam" bed I purchased just 4 years ago. The answer for me is simple: technology and innovation have created the best possible combination of great sleep characteristics which give both my wife and me the greatest comfort we've ever experienced. If your bed is approaching seven, eight, ten years of age, you MUST explore the iZONE for yourself. It's amazing to me that we spend so much money on things that don't bring us comfort and relaxation...and when it comes to mattress buying we look for a "deal" without acknowledging our body's needs. This bed is a game changer...and the price knocks the competition out when you compare quality and comfort side-by-side. Falling asleep has never felt so good. Thank you, iZONE, for giving a guy who really needs great sleep...a great night's sleep!

- Guy Phillips -
(St. Louis Y98 Radio Personality - Phillips & Company Morning Show Host)
5 stars
We absolutely love our bed! We have very different preferences for firmness so the ability to adjust each side differently while still sleeping in one bed is incredible. We have never been happier with a bed.

- Brad & Carrie -
Ladue, MO
5 stars
My wife and I could never agree on a bed. There is over a foot difference in our height and over 100 pounds difference in our weight. The iZone bed solved all of our mattress problems! I can have my side firm like I need and my wife can have her side plush like she wants. I forgot how wonderful a great night sleep is. Now I get a great night sleep EVERY night!!!

- Mike -
St. Louis, MO
Happy customers review izone
5 stars
My husband and I needed a new bed, but kept putting it off because we could not agree on how it should feel. He has back problems, so needs something with more support, but I am never comfortable. Our old bed was too firm, and my shoulders always hurt. This bed is a miracle. He has a firm bed, with even extra back support. And I have my plush bed. No more shoulder pain!

- Diane & John -
Chesterfield, MO
5 stars
We love our new izone bed. When I wake up in the morning I am in the same position that I fell asleep in, and that was never the case with our old bed. Buying this bed was definitely a great decision.

- Stephanie & Bobby -
Kirkwood, MO
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