Seven Reasons for 7 Zones

7 Reasons For 7 Zones

Introducing True Innovation Without Complication

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Amazing Comfort

  • Relieves pressure points for a more restful, deep, undisturbed sleep
  • Water-filled calibrators enclosed inside the 7 oval channels on each side of the bed provide instant conformability to every part of your body
  • A top layer of 'free-floating' memory foam allows for unrestricted contouring, providing a wonderful plushness on the surface of the bed
Adjust each side of the bed independently

Individual Adjustability

  • Each side of the bed can be adjusted so both sleepers get the support they need
  • Each zone can be filled independently to the firmness level you prefer
  • The bed automatically adjusts as you change sleep positions
  • Your bed can change if your body changes
  • Your size and sleep position will determine the support level you need
  • Go to our izone matrix to find out your individual recommended calibration levels
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7 adjustable zones from head to toe

Unparalleled Support

  • 7 Zones from head to toe on each side of the bed
  • No better element than water to offer contouring support (over 1/2 of our bodies are made of water!)
  • Fill each calibrator with water at your faucet to the firmness level you want
  • Calibrators self adjust to your body weight, type and position
  • izone matrix will give you your fill levels based on your body type and sleep position
Removable, washable cover keeps your bed clean

Clean and Hygienic

  • izone has a proprietary 'Bed Bug Barrier' that bed bugs or dust mites cannot penetrate, keeping your bed safe and allergen free
  • Zip off washable cover ensures your bed remains clean and fresh
  • Internal covers are anti microbial and washable
  • Our eco-friendly CertiPUR-USĀ® foam contains no harmful or FR chemicals
Not too hot, not too cold

Temperature Neutral

  • Ventilated open cell memory foam promotes refreshing air flow
  • Air Flow System keeps you cool all night long
  • Water filled calibrators eliminate body heat upon contact
  • The channel vents create a 'bellow' system that circulates air and releases excess heat
10 Year Warranty

Designed to Last

  • izone will not lose its comfort over time
  • Calibrators absorb pressure rather than compressing like foam or springs
  • Engineered latex and high density base support foam maximize durability
  • Each izone bed comes with a 10 year warranty
Affordably priced hybrid bed


  • Priced about half of what you would pay for other mattress technologies
  • The entire izone Team is proud to offer you this incredible product at great prices
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