We got a new review the other day and the heading was It satisfied the pregnant wife. After searching the other reviews I can see we have at least four izone babies born or on the way. If you have had children then you know that last trimester is brutal on your back. It is hard to sleep and there seems to be no surface hard enough to relieve the pressure. This is an example where the izone bed comes to the rescue.

As your pregnancy progresses you can make your lumbar zones firmer and those last 2 months super firm so you keep your back aligned. You will sleep much deeper and longer with the proper support. Happy momma hopefully means a happier baby. It certainly will mean a happier spouse.

Better yet, your spouse can keep their side of the bed at the support levels they like and you both will sleep happy. When super happy baby arrives mom can just set her zones to fit her fabulous post pregnancy self. Stephanie was one of our first moms on an izone bed and she is happy to report that her zones (and body) are back to normal and she and Alexia are sleeping through the night! Derek writes:

" Our bed has been an absolute god-send for my pregnant wife, since she can change the position and zone firmness as she gets further along in her pregnancy."

I checked in and his wife Bonnie will bring their new baby boy into the world late September.

That means her back zones are heading into extra firm territory right about now and she is able to get the critical sleep her body needs.

izone is the only mattress that you can customize to fit your body as it changes either through pregnancy or the natural spread of time. Everyone is shaped differently and izone can be customized to fit any shape or sleep position. No other bed does this. If you lose weight you can adjust the zones to the proper support level your new hot bod needs. Your spouse can do the same on their side. As your body changes your bed can change with you. With that peace of mind you will sleep like never before!!!

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