Why izone is Better Than a Water Bed
not an ordinary waterbed

Ingenious Technology Embraces Water

All the Comfort of a Waterbed With None of the Hassle

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Water Filled Calibrators Provide 7 Adjustable Zones On Each Side Of the Bed

Sleep Better Together

Introducing izone, the ultimate hybrid of air, water and memory foam

Natural Support

The physics of water are amazing. There is no more natural support element on the planet. The water filled calibrators inside each zone allow the bed to conform instantly to your entire body, relieving pressure points for a deep, continuous great night's sleep.

No Compromise Adjustability

How can one bed be "perfect" for everyone? Simply not possible until izone. The 7 individual zones on each side of the bed can independently self adjust to your body type and sleep position. The same bed will feel completely different to each person. A smaller person will displace less volume so they experience a softer contouring effect, where as a larger person will displace a higher volume and enjoy a firmer more supportive feel. It is surprisingly simple and yet really quite amazing. The end result is you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

We slept on a free flow water bed for 24 years. We decided that we needed a little more support. The izone offers us support that we can adjust. We no longer have the back pain that we had with the water bed.

- Greg & Dawn -
St. Louis, MO
The Wonders of Water

How izone Utilizes the Most Natural Element On Earth

soft to firm

Soft to Super Firm Support

Each individual calibrator can be easily filled at a faucet. Using the markings on each calibrator, you can choose your desired level of firmness. If you would like additional guidance in determining your ideal support settings, we can help you with that! Our izone matrix can provide recommended fill levels.

adjustable support

Head to Toe Adjustability

Unlike a softside or hardside waterbed mattress, the izone bed offers you a choice of soft to super firm support in 7 individual zones from head to toe. By adding more or less water to each calibrator you can control where you need extra support. No waterbed can offer this degree of adjustability.

easy set up

Fast, Easy Set Up

Once your calibrators are filled, they are inserted into the 7 channel cut zones on each side of the bed. If you need to change your support in any of the zones, simply remove the calibrator(s) and adjust the fill level at your sink. Put the hose away! izone has made certain those days are in the past for good.

Hassle Free Comfort

izone gives you the comfort of a waterbed without the hassle - no heater, no chemicals, easy to set up and move.

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The izone Z1 model uses free flow water filled calibrators so you can actually feel the bed move with you. The Z1 is designed to provide the best of the water bed feel. The Z2 and Z3 models use foam filled calibrators, which feel more like a waveless softside water bed mattress. All of our izone beds have added support structure to ensure that you are not sacrificing comfort for support. Because izone uses water, a natural element that is more contouring than any other element, you can enjoy the adjustable support you need while remaining comfortable all night long.

Temperature Neutral

The unique properties of our air flow system combined with water filled calibrators eliminate excess body heat.

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Channel cuts in the foam support layer as well as ventilated memory foam allow air to circulate freely. This ensures you are never too warm or too cool as you sleep. For your peace of mind, izone has a removable, washable cover and built in bed bug barrier, ensuring your bed remains clean and fresh for as long as you own it. Our CertiPUR-US® foams contain no harmful chemicals.

Maximum Durability

Our unique support system maximizes durability and ensures your bed remains as comfortable as the day you bought it.

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All izone beds carry a 10 year warranty. We also offer a 90 night "Test Rest" period. If for any reason you are not completely thrilled with your new bed, you can return it for FREE. (Yes, the return shipping is on us!) Rest easy, as izone is priced at about half of what you would pay for other less advanced mattress technologies. No bed can compare to the quality of sleep you get with izone, regardless of how much you spend.

Get in the zone

Create your perfect sleep environment

The all new izone bed can be purchased alone or paired with one of our Flex Bases for the the ultimate sleep experience.

the original izone bed

Experience all the izone bed has to offer and get ready to loose yourself in weightless luxury night after blissful night.
only $999
Queen size bed only
Price includes FREE shipping and returns

izone bed with MotoFlex Power Base

Your new izone bed becomes so much more versatile when paired with the MotoFlex adjustable power base.
only $1,698
Queen size bed and MotoFlex base set
Price includes FREE shipping and returns

izone bed with DynaFlex Platform Base

The DynaFlex platform bed base can replace a traditional bed frame or box spring to support your new izone bed.
only $1,098
Queen size bed and DynaFlex base set
Price includes FREE shipping and returns
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