Happy couple sitting together on the izone bed in bedroom setting


  • Happy couple sitting together on the izone bed in bedroom setting
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The Ultimate Hybrid izone bed

Quick Overview

The izone bed combines Foam Filled comfort matrix calibrators with a 1 1/2" ventilated contouring memory foam comfort layer for a luxurious zero gravity sensation. Each side of the bed can be adjusted to meet your specific comfort and support needs in seven independent zones. Both you and your partner can experience the best sleep possible without compromise.

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The izone bed combines the no motion 'gel-like' feel of Foam Filled comfort matrix calibrators with a 1 1/2" ventilated memory foam comfort layer for a luxurious zero gravity sensation. Our unique design allows both you and your partner to independently adjust your side of the bed to meet your specific comfort and support needs. Seven individual zones from head to toe allow you to control your comfort and support needs from soft to super firm based upon your body type and preferred sleep position. The patented design of izone combines the best properties of refreshing air flow, natural pressure free water and contouring memory foam to create the ultimate hybrid bed. Experience for yourself all the izone bed has to offer for a full 90 nights. If you are not completely satisfied with this ground breaking new bed you can return it, FREE OF CHARGE, and we will provide you a full refund.

  • 10" Total Mattress Height
  • Plush Foam Filled Comfort-Matrix Calibrators Create a 'Gel-Like' Contouring Feel
  • 1 1/2"Ventically Ventilated Memory Foam in the Cover Allows for Contouring, Pressure Free Support
  • 3.5" Eco-Friendly CertiPUR-US® Antimicrobial Engineered Latex Provides Instant Responsiveness
  • Ventilating Oval Cut Channels Encompass the Calibrators and Allow for Refreshing Air Flow
  • 5" Eco-Friendly CertiPUR-US® Antimicrobial Blue Support Foam Provides Durable Support
  • Built-In Bed Bug Barrier Keeps Bed Bugs and Dust Mites Out of Your Mattress
  • Double-Head Zipper Makes for Easy Off and Easy On Mattress Cover
  • Removable Washable Cover Ensures Your Bed Remains Clean and Hygienic
  • Optional Flexible Bases Available to Complement Your izone Bed
  • Will Fit In a Traditional Mattress Bed Frame or Platform Bed

If you would like help in determining your ideal support settings before filling your calibrators, we can help with that! Our izone matrix can provide recommended fill levels.

Customer Reviews

Great Bed Review by MIKE & ANN
Me and my wife get Z4 ,we have shop so many places and lay on so many beds.Let me tell you something ,i never get better sleep ,my wife is like a kid now so happy with the new bed.I will say that is perfect for anybody who is looking for comfort,sleep,and adjustment that other mattress does not have.I call life time bed,thank you the bedroom store,Mr Boyd and special THANK YOU to my sales lady Z ....The bedroom store is my store over 35 years ,so if you looking for good service and some one who cares this is the place to shop.THANK YOU.... (Posted on 12/19/18)
Great Bed Review by MIKE & ANN
Me and my wife get Z4 ,we have shop so many places and lay on so many beds.Let me tell you something ,i never get better sleep ,my wife is like a kid now so happy with the new bed.I will say that is perfect for anybody who is looking for comfort,sleep,and adjustment that other mattress does not have.I call life time bed,thank you the bedroom store,Mr Boyd and special THANK YOU to my sales lady Z ....The bedroom store is my store over 35 years ,so if you looking for good service and some one who cares this is the place to shop.THANK YOU.... (Posted on 12/19/18)
I love the IZone Review by Gina
We just finished vacation and I think the best thing about returning home was getting back to our iZone bed. It's flexible, comfortable and I just get such a great night's sleep. We are so glad to have it as a part of staying healthy and well-rested. (Posted on 3/25/18)
Like being able to adjust Review by JJ
When I first got my bed I had on a firmer "setting". I have a bad back so I adjusted it to soft. It was very easy to change the firmness. The new degree of soft is great for my lower back. (Posted on 6/5/17)
Love It! Review by Phoneman
This is the best mattress I have ever had. Why did I wait 65 years? I LOVE IT! (Posted on 4/6/17)
iZone Fan Club Members Review by Mom of the Groom
After looking several years for a mattress that wasn't rock hard, full of air, pillow top, unpillow top, adjustable with a split down the middle of the mattress or too soft, we were immediately interested in finding out more about the izone bed. Not only is the bed comfortable, not leaving silhouettes of our bodies, it is cool during the summers. Another plus is the height. I am able to sit down and put my socks on without jumping up onto the bed or falling forward while tying my shoes. Oh sure, some of the remarks about the top shifting are a wee bit of a nuisance, but if you can't get comfortable, that's your own fault. The bed can custom adjusted for the position you sleep in and your weight. Give the store a call or take a look at your calibrators. Neither of us feel the other one lay down, roll over or move during the night. I also believe the izone eliminates movement due to pressure on the hips and arms. That is an important plus as we age. Would 100% purchase again and have recommended to friends/family in search of a good nights rest. (Posted on 3/16/17)
Izone 3 - Good value Review by Al
We have had our izone 3 for approximately one year and have been very happy with it. It took a month or so to get the bladders adjusted just the way we wanted them but after that no problems. Both sides are very different - one softer, one firmer but the adjustments can be made fairly simply. Have been getting a much better night's sleep since we got this bed, and no more sore back! (Posted on 3/16/17)
I Zone 1 Review by Jeffery's
This bed is in our guest room. And everyone who has slept in this bed loves it. (Posted on 3/6/17)
ok but not great Review by Jeffery's
The I Zone 3 is just ok. Me and my husband are not completely satisfied. Cant seem to find our good zone. My husband still wakes up with back pain. (Posted on 3/6/17)
Fantastic mattress!!! Review by Janet
My husband and I could not be happier with our iZONE bed! We do not feel each move other as we toss and turn during the night. I do not feel the bed move when he gets up in the morning. It is great that each side can be a different firmness. We also found it useful that we could easily change the firmness if we wanted to. I love to just sit on the bed it is so comfortable. I keep saying I'd love to have a sofa made in the same way. Great purchase. (Posted on 9/13/16)
This has been a positive move for us. Review by Sami
We have had several different, successful mattresses during our marriage....water bed, water tubes within a mattress, and regular mattress. The izone has been a good combination of all of the above. The vibrator has been a relaxing way to fall asleep at night. Don't give up if the original calibrations are not correct. We had to change some of the water levels before it felt correct. (Posted on 9/8/16)
Like a lot. Would buy again. Review by Tim
The only bother I have with my adjustable I Zone bed is that the foam on top slides downward afterliftinfthe adjustable bed. Otherwise it has been a wonderful experience. (Posted on 8/17/16)
Heaven☺ Review by MY ZONE ❤
We love our I ZONE BED. It's like sleeping on a cloud that just surrounds and cradles your body. I look forward every day for BEDTIME. We have the foot and head tilt on ours also and all I can say is we never ever sleep flat. LOVE LOVE LOVE (Posted on 8/9/16)
Nice but not great Review by Kevin
One of the benefits of the bed is that you can not feel your partner flip and flop in bed. However, we have not been super impressed by the comfort and expected more based on be higher price. (Posted on 8/5/16)
Finally getting a good night's sleep Review by Cullen
We had been looking to purchase a Sleep Number bed when we were introduced to the izone bed. It was a game changer! We purchased the king and my wife and I are finally getting a good night's sleep. By using the calibrators, we were both able to get the perfect setup for the way we sleep and relive pain that we were experiencing after sleeping on our other mattress. We wake up rested and no longer have lower back and hip pain.

We've recommended the izone bed to all of our friends! (Posted on 5/9/16)
Satisfied with product and service Review by B&T
The bed is performing well. We bought the power frames to help with a hip replacement and recovery. The frame has proven to add a very different level of comport. The I-zone mattress is comfortable and we have had good sleep. The bedroom store was helpful in every step of the purchase, set up and follow up questions. One purchase suggestion is to try what you want at any location and then purchase at the Lemay Ferry location and save quite a few dollars in sales tax over other locations. (Posted on 4/30/16)
IZONE Z3 Review by Alicia
We bought this bed hoping to help my husbands back pain we love the adjustable base but we are still working on the adjustments. I haven't quite found my zone yet. I am not sure it was worth the money we spent on it. We spent 5000 and I guess I was expecting it to be better. The memory foam that goes on top of the mattress is constantly moving down so I am always fixing that and it is not an easy task because you have to unzip the entire thing. (Posted on 4/13/16)
Great comfort Review by Ruth
We love our I-Zone 3. My husband is no longer getting up walking off leg cramps. He no longer snores. I no longer have hip pain. Wow instead of a nursing home we have I-Zone 3. What a great investment for comfort. (Posted on 4/11/16)
New kind of sleep Review by Hawkins
I always loved water beds but with 2 people in the bed, it just doesn't work. The izone gets the benefit of a water bed without feeling every tiny movement of your partner. We also got the adjustable bed, which was totally worth it for us. Accompany that with the custom settings that you use to fill the water tubes, and our sleep has been the best it has been in years. We have less back pain and love sleeping in again. (Posted on 4/3/16)
Perfect Fit for our Family! Review by Sam
My husband and I recently purchased an izone mattress and we couldn't be happier! I love water beds, and my husband prefers memory foam. The mattress is a perfect mix of water bed and memory foam. We also like that it is customizable on each side to fit our own sleeping preferences. We sleep soundly each night and are very pleased with our purchase! (Posted on 3/31/16)
izone z3 is amazing Review by Chrisc
Great bed!! With the option to adjust multiple locations to your comfort is very nice and you don't have to worry about electronics breaking like in some bed. I love my izone z3. (Posted on 3/11/16)
Love it! Review by Garrett
Coming up on a year, sleeping on our iZone and we couldn't be happier. Fall asleep fast, and I don't get hot at night anymore, so I can stay asleep all night. It has been such an awesome change for us! (Posted on 2/23/16)
Pinnacle of comfort Review by David
I've slept on a spring mattress my entire life, have tried tempurpedic for a couple of years, but the iZone is by far the best bed I've slept on. It significantly reduced my lower back pain, never realized it was from bad beds. (Posted on 2/22/16)
Wonderful Bed!! Review by Nikki
My boyfriend and I purchased this bed the beginning of January 2016. We purchased this bed because I was telling my friend about how I experience so much back pain and have difficulty falling asleep. She suggested the Izone bed. It is really comfortable, has decreased my back pain, and now it takes me less than 10 minutes to fall asleep. I love love love this bed and highly recommend it. (Posted on 2/21/16)
Prefect Review by David
It's a once in a life time experience that everyone should try... (Posted on 2/21/16)
love it Review by Jamie
I have had my izone bed for about 6 months now and love it. The memory foam layer on the top of it is amazing, as are the adjustable water chambers. I got this bed after finding out I was severely allergic to dust mites. The ability to take off the encasing and wash it whenever I want has been amazing. My hives have went from daily to barely ever! Allergen friendly is the way to go! (Posted on 2/2/16)
LOVE !!! Review by Tony W
My wife and I purchased our Izone bed almost a year ago now after researching the dual adjustable beds through other manufactures. We love our bed so much that we have sent 6 friends of ours in to purchase one of their own! We are forever, Izone customers and will keep sending all of our friends and family as well! We received EXCELLENT customer service! (Posted on 1/8/16)
iZone Z3 bed Review by Adam and Jenny L
After owning and only sleeping on innerspring mattresses we needed a change for our bedroom. My husband is a plumber/laborer and has always complained of neck, shoulder, and back pain. I am a nurse with two little ones at home so when I do sleep, a good nights rest is just what I need. After buying the z3, it took our bodies some time to adjust to the new bed. However, now we are both sleeping great at night thanks to our new iZone mattress. My husband and I are no longer sore when we wake up and actually cannot wait to hop into bed at night knowing we will get some good sleep. Thanks for such a wonderful mattress! (Posted on 1/8/16)
I have always loved the sleep I have gotten in this bed Review by Best sleep, never a rotten night
We used to have an uncomfortable mattress and decided it was time to buy a new one. IZone was exactly the fit for us. We both sleep comfortably because of our sides being adjusted to fit us! Also, we self installed and it was so EASY!!! (Posted on 12/12/15)
Awesome bed! Review by Joel
This bed was way better than anything else I tried out and was half the price compared to others! Being able to make the bed custom to your sleep type is awesome, this bed has done wonders for my back and I sleep so much better at night. With options from firm and stiff to soft and plush there's always a way to change the bed to fit any person or what type feeling you want out of your mattress. I highly recommend this or any other izone bed to others! (Posted on 12/10/15)
Best by far! Review by Johnathon W
The izone z3 is the best bed I have owned to date! I went into buying this bed thinking I was going to return it within the 90 days. After my first night of sleep that thought was long gone. Having the seven zones on each side of the bed for complete customization is worth every penny and very easy to set up. I highly recommend this bed! (Posted on 12/10/15)
Love Love Love this bed!!! Review by Ryan and Abbie
This bed is so versatile! We got it after having lots of neck and back pain when waking up in the morning. My husband wanted a soft bed and I wanted a firm bed. With the IZone we able to have whatever comfort we want.
This is a very comfortable bed for a very reasonable bed!!! (Posted on 11/19/15)
nice bed Review by bill
I have sleep apnea not anymore thanks to the adjustable base (Posted on 11/19/15)
Best bed we have ever owned! Review by Ian & Amanda
As a couple with totally different sleeping preferences we never thought we would find the "perfect" mattress, well, we have found it with the izone mattress! I love a soft bed, he loves a firm bed. With the izone mattress we can fill the "water bags" to the exact firmness/softness we like, it is very easy too! (I have had him change my side multiple times.) We also love that it has the memory foam feature of not being able to feel the other person move around, great for us since we both tend to be restless! This mattress is wonderful, we will never buy a different brand than izone! (Posted on 11/4/15)
Excellent Review by Chris & Dianne
We purchased the IZONE bed several months ago and couldn't be happier. We are able to raise and lower our head and feet which puts us in the most comfortable position for that perfect nights sleep. We highly recommend you visiting the store and trying it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed. (Posted on 11/4/15)
My back no longer hurts. Review by Michelle
I love, love , love my izone bed!
Before I got it my back hurt every morning and I wasn't sleeping sound. Now, it takes me less then 5 minutes to pass out. I feel well rested when i wake up. More importantly, my back feels good when I wake up to start my day. Thank you , bedroom store for making such a great mattress. (Posted on 11/2/15)
Good investment Review by Augie
I know my wife loves it and that means I love it. When she can get to sleep quickly and sleep soundly then that is a great thing for me! (Posted on 10/15/15)
Decent bed as long as you setup right. Review by Dan
Took me a bit to figure out how i wanted to have the bed setup but once I figured it out the bed is very comfortable. (Posted on 10/15/15)
In love with a bed! Review by Molly & Craig
We searched for a bed, but couldn't agree on anything, until we both fell in love with the izone! Along with the adjustable base, it's extremely comfortable, and the customized sides ensure we both get a great nights sleep. We would recommend this bed to everyone! (Posted on 10/14/15)
Sleeping soundly! Review by CJ
We have been very pleased with our I zone mattress purchased almost a year ago. This was a larger investment than I would have preferred but my husband said if we were going to get a new mattress, we should spend the money on a good one. Happy to say, I have had no buyer's remorse. The ability to customize each side to personalize comfort has been wonderful. The easily removable top for washing is also a bonus. We recommend the Izone mattress! (Posted on 10/8/15)
Nice design - well thought out Review by Jonathan
We appreciate the fact that you can setup both sides of the bed to individual without any air pumps or other noise that would awaken a light sleeper. It's nice to see innovation in an industry where it used to seem like it's all been done before. (Posted on 10/6/15)
5 Star Bed Review by Al and Cher
This bed rocks! Loved how salesman helped us set up the water levels in the tubes for our custom sleep position. Bed was easy to set up and comfortable to sleep in. Great night sleep !!! (Posted on 10/5/15)
Awesome Review by Dee G
I had an old mattress (which I am ashamed to say how old) that was continually giving me back pain to the point I couldn't get out of bed. I listen to Y98 and heard Guy Phillips mention it. So I decided to do research on it and read the reviews, I did a lot of comparison then just did nothing. Then one Sunday morning I was driving around and saw The Bedroom Store so I went in and tried it out. From the minute I laid on it I was hooked. So I bought it and I loved it. I found out that I have 3 bulging disc and arthritis in my back. This bed has helped me wake up refresh regardless of the back issues. AWESOME! (Posted on 10/3/15)
LOVE LOVE LOVE this bed! Review by Laura H
My husband and I have been sleeping on our iZone bed for about a month now and we are VERY happy with it. My hubby is 6'3" and I'm 5'2" so our bed needs are very different and the iZone has solved our problems. He was having bad shoulder pain each night which he no longer has. I didn't realize how achy I was each morning until sleeping in the iZone bed. I no longer wake up with creaks and aches. We wake up rested and refreshed and it is amazing!

If you are worried about this bed being "complicated," don't. The set up instructions are VERY simple and easy to follow. It does take about 30 minutes, you are filling up 7 water tubes each so it does take a little bit of time but it is so simple. The settings the iZone test recommended have been perfect for us, we haven't had to re-adjust anything after setting up the bed the first time.

Bottom-line...we LOVE this bed and would recommend it to any and everyone. It's so customizable, I don't see how you couldn't love this bed. (Posted on 10/2/15)
GREAT BED!! Review by Chris
We have had the izone bed for several months and are VERY HAPPY with our purchase. My wife likes a softer mattress and I prefer a firmer mattress, so the adaptability of the izone bed is great for us. We both sleep great and would recommend the izone bed to anyone. (Posted on 10/1/15)
Great Investment for great sleep Review by K Lehman
My wife and I have gone from a waterbed (yes, we're products of the 60's and 70's), to a "pillow top" mattress, before buying the izone bed ... I prefer a firmer mattress while she likes a softer bed. Immediately after installing the izone bed our overall sleep was improved... Both in quality and duration. After about a month she wanted to firm up an area on her side of the bed, and it was so simple to adjust those specific zones. The decision to purchase the izone bed is one of the best investments that we have made ... (Posted on 10/1/15)
Just what we were looking for. Review by Ron & Chris
We decided on the izone 3. The bed really helps on the different pressure points of your body. My shoulders don't hurt when I wake up anymore and my wife's sciatic nerve doesn't bother her anymore. I filled the calibrators and assembled the bed with no problems what so ever. We Would recommend this bed to anyone who mentions anything about buying a mattress. (Posted on 9/30/15)
Great adjustability Review by Nathan
This was our first memory foam/adjustable bed we have used. Coming from a inner spring mattress it took some getting used to. We set up the water chambers ourselves and adjusted once and we we sleep great on the I-zone. In fact I wake up most of the time in the same position I fell asleep in. (Posted on 9/30/15)
Great Bed for the cost Review by Steve
I purchased this bed in April 2015 and have been happy with my purchase. I occasionally have back issues from years of sports however since getting this bed I have not had any problems. the only issue I have had is the gel pad shifts around and doesn't stay in place. It's a easy fix to unzip and put it back into place, just a slight hassle. (Posted on 9/30/15)
Excellent Bed! Review by Rebecca
I love my new bed. As a young college student, I wasn't sure what I wanted in a mattress, but I love all the options I have with the iZone bed. It's perfect for my continuously changing body type because I can change the bed too! It actually comes apart which is easy for moving, which is a bonus for me since I'm just now starting my life. Not only have I had an awesome experience with my new mattress, but I've also had a great experience with the retailers and iZone company. I am 100% confident that if I ever had problems, I would have answers easily accessible. I highly recommend this product for everyone because this custom mattress is unique just like you. (Posted on 9/29/15)
As Comfortable As Promised! Review by Jimmy C
Owned the IZone several months now! What a magical difference! Sleeping the whole night through and my back feels better with the even support. Thanks for your recommendation of this bed! Great setup & Delivery too! (Posted on 9/23/15)
Really Great Bed! Review by PapaM
Our daughter bought it for us and we are both very happy with it. Really great bed! They came and set it up for us and were very polite. Sleeps good!
(Posted on 9/22/15)
Love it Review by Rebecca
It is so easy to store and move and I love it!! (Posted on 9/22/15)
A Great Investment Review by Tony
We love the izone mattress.It is the best for comfort and sleeping. We also put the mattress on an adjustable base which helps with snoring. This was the best gift we could buy ourselves and have recommened it to many (Posted on 9/21/15)
We Love It! Review by Steve S
We have had our new I-Zone 3 mattress for a couple of months and we absolutely love it. We tried several other mattresses but when we tried the I-Zone, we knew we picked the right one. Thank you (Posted on 9/21/15)
Great Bed Review by Rick
My wife & I have slept on innerspring mattresses for a long time, always sagging, didn't get a good nights sleep, we decided to go to The Bedroom Store & look for a new bed, the salesman showed us the IZONE Z3 with the adjustable frame. My wife & I loved it, so we bought it, but with my wife's medical problems, & can't sleep half the time, I wish now we had of purchased the split adjustable frame, because she likes it down flat most of the time & I prefer it adjusted up for that zero gravity feel, so now I'm stuck with it, the way she likes it, & when it's laying flat, the comfort level is pretty firm for me, other than that, it is a great bed. (Posted on 9/16/15)
Love this bed Review by Trish
I love my bed! I slept through the night and my back didn't hurt in the morning. This is a first! I can't wait to tell everyone about the izone bed. (Posted on 9/11/15)
Love the bed Review by Sandy
Purchased our bed earlier this year. I suffer from back problems and had started having trouble with a lot of pain. We decided it was time to purchase a new bed. We shopped around and nothing felt as comfortable as the IZone. Being able to adjust the firmness to our individual needs is wonderful. We wake up refreshed and without all of the pain we had been having trouble with before. We just love our bed! (Posted on 9/5/15)
great choice Review by LOVE OUR BED
We are in love with our new bed. It is comfortable, cool and the cover is so easy to remove and wash. It was delivered promptly and professionally. Both of us are now sleeping soundly again. I would and have already recommended this bed to several friends. Our only recommendation is if you purchase the moveable base, get two twins instead of the king. We have learned that we have opposite likes of heights of the head of the bed. (Posted on 9/4/15)
Great! Review by Sleepy Sally
We love our new Izone bed! We have noticeably improved condor and sleep. The bed was affordable and easy to set up. Highly recommended. (Posted on 9/1/15)
Great Investment in a Good Night's Sleep!! Review by GracellenW
We purchased the iZone3 mattress in May 2015. We needed a bed that would give my husband the support he needed for his back and legs. Being able to fill the calibrators to his specific comfort level is really great! Adding the gel and foam layers gives the mattress softness with stability, it doesn't cave in like a spring mattress would. We put the iZone 3 mattress on an adjustable base - it was a match made in heaven!!! Compare to other foam like mattresses iZone is the best! (Posted on 8/31/15)
Love our Izone Review by Dusty
We purchased our mattress this past Spring along with the moving base and we are very happy! The staff was very helpful on the day of purchase. It was delivered on time and put together in no time. The mattress is very comfortable and the cover is easy to remove for washing. Our only recommendation is if you purchase the moveable base go ahead and purchase two twins. My husband and I thought we would agree on how to place the mattress for sleeping and it turns out we are nearly opposite. (Posted on 8/30/15)
The iZone Bed Changed My Life Review by Chronic Pain Patient
I've suffered with chronic back and neck pain for over 15 years. About 5 years ago I was no longer able to sleep on a traditional mattress so we purchased a Sleep Number bed, thinking the ability to adjust pressure would allow me to sleep comfortably in bed. Over the next six months I tried every possible combination of pressures and even added a memory foam topper but still woke up within 2 hours in extreme pain. I spent the next 3 years sleeping in a recliner. About 8 months ago we saw a commercial on TV for the iZone mattress so we decided to check it out. We found the combination of the iZone Z-3 mattress with an Adjustable Foundation was the perfect option for us. The "Zero Gravity" setting allows me to get 6+ good hours of sleep every night for the past 6 months. Since we got ours several family members and friends have purchased iZone beds because of how it's changed my life. (Posted on 8/26/15)
Amazing bed Review by Heather
My husband and I really needed a new bed and after hearing about the Izone bed on the radio we had to check it out!! Went to the store and I had to have it! It is so comfortable!! What's really nice is you can change the firmness or if you want it more plush you have the ability to change it!! Such an amazing bed, I wish we had gotten it sooner! So happy with this bed!! (Posted on 8/26/15)
Solved My Back Problems Review by Fernando
I was suffering from severe back problems and this mattress was the answer. This completely helped my back and now I can get back to my normal routine. (Posted on 8/24/15)
It satisfied the pregnant wife Review by Bohan Li
We owned numerous beds in the past 6 years. We would switch beds about every year or so. There was never really a bed we were truely happy about until now. My wife heard the izone bed being talked about on the radio and was intrigued. We we went to the local bedroom store to test it out. She loved it immediately, so we had to have it. After 6 months being on it and few a adjustments we are in love. The best thing about this is that I don't have to hear her complain about her back or try to find a new bed anymore. (Posted on 8/21/15)
I've tried them all and this mattress is the best I've ever slept on. Review by Dave
I purchased the iZone mattress three months ago and could not be happier! I have tried just about every kind of bed trying to find a good night's sleep that allows you to wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Over the years, I've tried water beds, sleep number, tempurpedic, latex foam - all of them worked for awhile, but never has one of them succeed from the first night and every night thereafter. The iZone is so innovative that at first I thought it might be just another gimmick, but after doing side by side comparisons over and over again. I had to admit it felt better than any of the others. The online sleep survey allowed the bed to be customized to my particular sleep habits and it succeeded beyond my most optimistic hopes. Everyone who wakes up with aches and pains should try this mattress - IT WORKS! (Posted on 8/20/15)
Helped with back pain Review by Anonymous
This bed did miracles with my back pain. I used to have horrible back pain that required me to take a lot of muscle relaxers, but this bed fixed all of that and I now don't suffer from back pain. (Posted on 8/18/15)
Great bed for all Review by Derek
Shopping for a new bed can be very confusing with all of the different options and price points out there. The iZone makes it simple by giving the best of all the different beds at a price point that makes it a no-brainer. Our bed has been an absolute god-send for my pregnant wife, since she can change the position and zone firmness as she gets further along in her pregnancy. I would definitely recommend getting the adjustable base to go along with the bed. (Posted on 7/27/15)
Love my new bed!! Review by Cheryl
I recently purchased the izone Z3 and I'm sleeping soundly and waking up feeling great. I used to toss and turn a lot during the night and now I hardly do at all. I needed to adjust the firmness a little bit from the original matrix settings and I was a little nervous about doing that. Once I did it, I realized how easy it is. I've also noticed that my body temperature is more even throughout the night and I don't wake up sweating, then freezing. This bed improves my life on a daily basis and I love it. (Posted on 7/16/15)
Satisfied Customer Review by Jennifer
My husband and I recently purchased the I-Zone bed and completely LOVE it. We have recommended the bed to several friends and another just recently purchased their own. Keep up the fantastic work, and great customer service! (Posted on 6/30/15)
The Z3 is a very comfortable bed Review by Rick
We were tired of having backaches & uncomfortable sleepless night, so we started looking, saw the commercial & i started looking at the Bedroom Store to figure out the bed for us. We knew the innerspring mattress just wasn't working for us, so we tried the IZONE Z3 bed out with the adjustable pedestal. Laying on that after it was adjusted to the Zero Gravity was like sleeping on a cloud, no pressure points. Our first morning after waking up we had NO back pain. The only thing different for me was that I had to learn to sleep on my back, because of the curves in the bed from the pedestal frame. Didn't take long, now we sleep all night. We Love the Bed. Thanks (Posted on 6/16/15)
I was Skeptical at First but Now I'm Not Review by Mike H
I had recently purchased a pillow top inner spring about 6 months ago because my old inner spring was in terrible shape. Got the brand new pillow top inner spring to help with issues with my lower back. Eventually the pain in my lower back was getting worse as I continued to sleep on the inner spring. Finally my wife said lets just try the izone bed because we can adjust the firmness and besides it comes with 90 day money back guarantee and we don't like it we will just return. It has been over 90 days and we still have it and its made a big difference with my lower back. I would defiantly recommend this bed to someone else. (Posted on 6/11/15)
Who knew I was sleeping wrong all these years?! Review by Billy Greenwood 103.3 KLOU
I don't know who loves our new iZone bed more, my pregnant wife or me! She had really been struggling with getting comfortable at night and wasn't getting the support she needed in certain areas. That's definitely not a problem anymore! She has the firmness she needs for her back with all the softness she needs everywhere else!

And, with her pregnancy, she tends to get up throughout the night for potty breaks. That would constantly wake me up, as well. Now, I sleep
right through it. I've got my zones set perfectly for sleeping on my side and my back feels fantastic! My wife says I snore less, too. Lol

Needless to say, we're MASSIVE fans and already dreading our upcoming vacation on a different mattress. :) (Posted on 6/11/15)
Outstanding 5 star bed! Review by Roger
The izone mattress is everything they said it would be. We have been sleeping on your new technology mattress, the "izone", for two months. The mattress is absolutely the best we have ever had, including the Sleep Number system. The izone mattress does everything it promises. Cooling, air flow and has multiple adjustments to accommodate an individual requirement of firmness throughout the length and shape of your body.
The izone is definitely a 5 star product! (Posted on 6/9/15)
Deep sleep! Review by Chris
We looked at several beds, Sleep Number being one of them. For the past year, we woke up with stiff backs and necks. We thought our pillow top mattress was a good one, until we got the Izone Z3 bed. Neither of us feel the other get in or out of bed or roll during the night; probably because we don't toss and turn anymore! When we fall asleep, we both are out cold and in a deep sleep. We wake up feeling rested! We put the bed together ourselves and didn't have any problems! (Posted on 6/9/15)
Very Comfortable night's sleep - would recommend to a friend. Review by TonyU
My wife and I have had our izone Z3 about 3 months now and are very happy with our purchase. We were drawn to the unique hybrid technology and the value when compared to other premium beds. Our salesman Jay was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process.

I find the bed extremely comfortable and wake with less aches and feel I'm getting a sounder night's sleep. We had the bed set up for us and the calibrators on my wife's side were not filled to the levels suggested on the matrix that the salesperson determined through a questionnaire process. We adjusted the water levels on her side a few times, over the first month, before hitting her comfort zone.

Overall, we feel the izone Z3 is a great value and would recommend this bed to a friend. (Posted on 5/25/15)
Love this bed! Review by Jo
When we went looking for a bed we figured we would have to get a brand that was rated high and costly at the same time. We walked into the Bedroom Store and I told the manager I wanted a really good bed but not the high price. The manager directed us to the izone bed. We tested it, raised it, lowered it, and frankly just played with all the buttons on the remote to see if the bed would do what we wanted. I also had had a total knee replacement and hadn't been able to sleep in my old bed for 8 weeks! I noticed while playing with the remote that I could position the bed in such a way that it took the pain out of my knee! I was leaning definitely toward buying the bed but was completely sold on the bed when that happened. My husband and I agree that we made the right decision buying this bed. Since buying this bed I have told many people how great it is. Also since buying this bed, I have slept better than I have slept in years. I love this bed!! (Posted on 5/17/15)
I love the izone bed! Review by Carol
I'm getting the best sleep I've had in a long time. I fall in a deep sleep with no tossing and turning. I fell in love with the bed, the first time I laid on it. Even my kids love to nap on it. (Posted on 5/9/15)
Love, Love, Love this bed!!! Review by Angie R
My husband and I tried several stores looking for a new bed. We both have our own "likes" and were considering a Select Comfort until we went to the Bedroom Store and tried the iZone! We found all of the features in this bed that we were looking and it sill fit within our budget. We had the bed set up but have made changes on the chambers to fit our needs (very simple to do with the instructions). I would highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking a new bed (especially if you are considering an air bed) and a comfortable night sleep without breaking the bank. (Posted on 4/30/15)
Great purchase Review by Jen G
I purchased the izone bed for my 16 year old son as a surprise.My son LOVES the iZone bed! I filled it myself (which was very easy to do) to the lowest settings to make it soft and he has not changed it at all. I am very pleased with the iZone bed and with the great customer service I received. My son absolutely loves the bed. The only problem I have is that I can't get him out of it!!!
(Posted on 4/29/15)
Answer to my back pain Review by Cliff
I really like my Z1 bed. My back is feeling much better now and I sleep better and longer than I did before. I set it up myself and it was very simple and easy to do. I haven't had to make any adjustments, I got it right on the first go. I tried all 3 beds at the store and preferred the way the Z1 moves with you. It is super comfortable. I bought a double size so it was only $899. I sleep alone so I don't need the sides to be different so I just set the calibrators all the same for both sides. I sleep on my back so I have the back area firmer and it has really made my back pain go away. Don't let the low price fool you, I looked all over the store and this was the best bed there period. (Posted on 4/29/15)
I zone with adjustable base Review by Sarah C
We purchased the I zone matress king size with adjustable bases and love it! We assembled the bed ourselves and it was very simple to follow the included instructions. We both sleep much better and have less aches and pain. (Posted on 4/27/15)
Great bed Review by Lisa
We love our new izone bed. We can't believe how comfortable the izone bed is and how we do not wake up all night tossing and turning. (Posted on 4/26/15)
Excellent & comfortable Review by Chara
This bed is amazing! It helps support myself and my husbands backs/spines. One of the best beds I have purchased. (Posted on 4/25/15)
Love it Review by Tiffany
Got the king size bed. Plenty of room and love how you can adjust your settings. Would recommend it (Posted on 4/25/15)
Glad we Came Back Review by Diana W
We were in search of a bed that would help my lower back issues and my husband's snoring and lack of quality sleep. We went to West County to check out the Sleep Number bed and happened upon The Bedroom Store's display of the iZone bed. When I heard it had water involved, I was pretty set against it. But then we tried it out and it was pretty darn comfortable! We then tried out the Sleep Number bed. It was nice, but the iZone was better. Again, I really didn't want to like it, but I did. A few months later we were ready to purchase, so we tried out other mattresses including the Tempurpedic. It was wonderful, but there was no way we were going to spend $9,000 on a mattress! I kept thinking about the iZone and had to convince my husband, who just wanted to make a purchase and be done with it, to go to the Bedroom Store and try that darn iZone one more time. We tried a lot of mattresses, but came back to the iZone. Azira at the South County store was really nice and patient with me! So we bought the bed!

We purchased the two XLong twin mattresses which fit in our king bed frame. We did this so we could raise and lower our head/feet independently of each other. I like the feet raised to take the pressure off of my lower back and my husband likes his head raised to help with breathing and eliminate (well, mostly eliminate) his snoring. What I really like about this bed is that when you raise your feet, the mattress bends in such a way that there is support under my knees. The other beds did not have that - the foot section went straight up. It is a bit difficult to put the fitted sheets on, but I'm getting better at it. They gave us one free sheet set and we purchased the other. The fitted sheets fit great. I would like to get two more fitted sheets, but I don't need the top sheet. We use one of our king sheets we already have so we can feel like we're in the same bed.

(Posted on 4/20/15)
Great Mattress, flexible, comfortable Review by Pat the Mad Hat
You can lie down and really just sink into this bed. I can lie easily and comfortably on my sides or back and sleep through the night. The structure of the bed is great, with a separate "pocket" for the memory foam to keep it in place, and which allows you to clean, replace, or even just add more memory foam. The adjustable calibrators are just icing on top of (or in the middle of) the cake. We filled these ourselves at the beginning and haven't make an adjustment yet, but the simple knowledge that we can do so helps us sleep better at night (wink, wink).

Recommendations for purchasers: Probably go a little softer than you expect on the calibrators. When we adjust, I'm probably going to drop each of them on my side by as much as a quarter of the water inside. I want to let the foam do its work.

Recommendations for the manufacturer: You have double-zippers on the memory foam pocket, which is great! But only a single zipper on the structural foam component (which contains the calibrators). That means you pretty much have to tear down the whole bed to change them. (Posted on 4/20/15)
Best sleep we've had since we were young Review by Judy Fisher
I have sciatica and had it for 10 years. This bed has made a big difference. Eliminated the pain. I have spinal stenosis, for those who have a problem with this the bed is wonderful. My husband just had knee surgery and has had back pain for years. Since he would fall asleep in his recliner in order to rest I bought this bed. Who would have thought what a difference it would make for us. We both didn't rest well even though we had a really nice sleep adjustable air bed, but this is so much better. No more getting up to go to the bathroom every 2 hours .We sleep better through the night. We feel more rested. My husband is a quiet kind of man who doesn't say much. He said I like this bed !!! Amazing!!! (Posted on 4/19/15)
great bed Review by mike
Great bed really has helped my back. Customer support is very good thanks izone (Posted on 4/19/15)
Best bed I have ever owned. Review by Andy
My lovely wife and I decided it was time to replace our old mattress that had a feather bed and memory foam pad topper. In the past we have both enjoyed our waterbeds and were looking for a similar kind of experience. I have also owned an air adjustable bed and waterbed with baffles. The iZone bed seemed like a good option for us so we went to the store and found it very comfortable. We both have different needs for firmness and this bed allows us to easily enjoy our own preferences. Since purchasing our bed, I have experienced better sleep and wake up more rested than ever. We LOVE our iZone bed and highly recommend it. (Posted on 4/16/15)
5 Star bed Review by Randy and Erin - Imperial, MO
We are in love with the bed. We are sleeping so much better since we've gotten it. I have back issues and for the first time I'm sleeping through the night and not waking up in pain. The set up wasn't that difficult - just a little time consuming filling all the calibrators. We give the bed a 10 out of 10 (Posted on 4/6/15)
This bed has literally changed my life! Review by Mikey
Before the izone bed, sleep was not an easy thing to come by. I rarely experienced a night that I could fall asleep with ease. Now I find myself falling asleep quickly and waking up refreshed every single time. No more tossing and turning either! During the day, I am noticeably happier and more energetic. I actually look forward to laying down at night now. I can't say enough good things about this bed!
I purchased the bed from the izone website and it was on my doorstep less than 48 hours later! The setup looked daunting at first, but once I got started, it was a breeze. The comfort matrix quiz definitely hit the nail on the head for me. I can say with certainty, this purchase was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Couldn't be happier! Thank you, izone! (Posted on 4/4/15)
Incredible Bed Review by Carrie
We purchased the izone bed several months ago and absolutely love our bed! We have very different preferences for firmness so the ability to adjust each side differently while still sleeping in one bed is incredible. We have never been happier with a bed. (Posted on 3/9/15)
Awesome and easy! Review by KevStL
We had been looking at adjustable beds and found that the bigger names were expensive. To get all the features, it would cost over $8,000! Luckily we had been seeing these in the malls and were curious. We went to a bed store and were immediately amazed at how they had every feature and would cost several thousand less. Buying a good bed isn't cheap, but this proves that you can get the exact same features without spending as much. It's awesome to be able to adjust the firmness on so many parts of your body and is actually simple. I wake up without the usual neck, back, and leg pains!!! (Posted on 2/28/15)
Finally a bed we both love. Review by Moon Valjean
I'm a believer! My wife and I have literally been on a mission for a decade for the right bed for both of us and this is it. Glad it didn't take us a lifetime to find a bed that fits both of our needs. The iZone Matrix App nailed the customization for us on the first try too! Love it. Thank you Denny, The Bedroom Store​ and iZONE for making my wife and me this comfortable. - Moon (Posted on 2/24/15)
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Review by Guy Phillips
When I switched to the iZONE bed, a listener of mine asked why I got rid of the brand name "memory foam" bed I purchased just 4 years ago. The answer for me is simple: technology and innovation have created the best possible combination of great sleep characteristics which give both my wife and me the greatest comfort we've ever experienced. If your bed is approaching seven, eight, ten years of age, you MUST explore the iZONE for yourself. It's amazing to me that we spend so much money on things that don't bring us comfort and relaxation...and when it comes to mattress buying we look for a "deal" without acknowledging our body's needs. This bed is a game changer...and the price knocks the competition out when you compare quality and comfort side-by-side. Falling asleep has never felt so good. Thank you, iZONE, for giving a guy who really needs great sleep...a great night's sleep! (Posted on 2/24/15)
Better and Better Review by Rita Markus
Because of my bad back, I've been sleeping in a recliner for over 20 years. Laying flat was terribly painful... But, I'm very happy to say, I'm getting better and better sleep IN BED, every night. And every night I get to sleep longer-- getting between 5-6 hours a night already and it's only been a month. The bed is extremely comfortable ( my husband loves it). It was easy enough to put together, the adjustable water baffles are a stroke of genius.
Also, I have to mention our sales lady Sheila -- FANTASTIC... Informative, knowledgeable, and fun!
(Posted on 2/24/15)
Very comfortable Review by Jeff
Great bed. Really comfortable. Easy to understand instructions. Would suggest if they are delivering the bed to have them fill the pouches. It was not hard to fill them myself but it took longer and anticipated. (Posted on 2/23/15)
Best Bed Ever Review by Diane
My husband and I needed a new bed, but kept putting it off because we could not agree on how it should feel. He has back problems, so needs something with more support, but I am never comfortable. Our old bed was too firm, and my shoulders always hurt. This bed is a miracle. He has a firm bed, with even extra back support. And I have my plush bed. No more shoulder pain! (Posted on 2/22/15)
Amazing Review by Dan
It''s not often that I find myself writing a product review. Correction; I have never written or have ever felt compelled to write a review…….until today. To say that my new izone Bed satisfaction level is a "10 out of 10” would be an understatement. This bed is nothing short of amazing. They have created something that certainly transcends the typical over-priced mattress. The iZone Bed, with it’s combination of water and other bedding materials, puts me in a relaxed state the second my head hit’s the pillow. Although the price point was actually below what I was anticipating, the bed will leave you feeling like you are truly indulging yourself (Posted on 2/21/15)
No Other Bed Like It Review by Matt
No Other Bed Like It', 'Upon receiving my Z3 bed, I filled my zones to match my zone matrix results. After sleeping on the bed for a couple weeks, I made two minor adjustments to the zone at my shoulder and at my knees. I have never slept better. I am extremely active and have many nagging injuries from sports and an active lifestyle. Not anymore. Being able to adjust the zone and the bed to my body and my preference, has made positive changes in my every day life. I wake up easier. I fall asleep faster. I don''t toss and turn as much, most of the time finding myself in the same position I fell asleep. Recently I noticed I was more refreshed throughout the day, not needing that nap as bad as usual, but I couldn''t figure out why. After tracing back my steps and looking at changes I may have made, it was obvious, the change I made to the Z3 bed, had changed my life. (Posted on 2/21/15)
Enjoying the Bed Review by Pete
After back surgery, I sought out a bed that would contour to my body and still offer firmness was able to customize the izone to achieve a comfortable sleep. Glad I bought it (Posted on 2/20/15)
Sleeping Like a Baby Review by Mike
My wife and I could never agree on a bed. There is over a foot difference in our height and over 100 pounds difference in our weight. The iZone bed solved all of our mattress problems! I can have my side firm like I need and my wife can have her side plush like she wants. I forgot how wonderful a great night sleep is. Now I get a great night sleep EVERY night!!! (Posted on 2/20/15)
This is the best sleep I have ever had! Review by Lori
All of the aches and pain I use to wake up with have vanished since I now sleep on my izone bed! I sleep sound and wake up refreshed. (Posted on 2/19/15)
The izone bed is the perfect combination for us. Review by Greg & Dawn
We slept on a free flow waterbed for 24 years. We decided that we needed something with a little more support. The izone offers us support that we can adjust. We no longer have the back pain that we had with the waterbed. (Posted on 2/18/15)
One of a kind Review by TJ
Generally, when I think of technology I don''t think of a bed, but the iZone changed that. I haven't had a bad night''s sleep since I''ve changed to this new bed. (Posted on 2/16/15)
My wife and I can each have it our way. Review by Charlie
My wife and I really like our new izone bed because we each have it customized to just how we like it. We have ended our lengthy discussions about firm vs soft bed preference. I adjusted the water bladders twice in the first month, improving my sleep with each change. Now that I have it where I like it my morning hip pain has gone away. My wife likes her side as firm as she can get it and it has helped her back. We are a couple months in and we really recommend this bed! (Posted on 2/15/15)
Best bed ever Review by Mark Sweeten
I tested very many beds and took my time making my choice . The iZone bed was by far the best mattress I have ever laid my head on . I never thought I could ever get a good nights sleep again . Thank you IZone for coming into my life (Posted on 2/15/15)

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