Happy couple sitting together on the izone bed in bedroom setting


  • Happy couple sitting together on the izone bed in bedroom setting
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The Ultimate Hybrid izone bed

Quick Overview

The izone bed combines Foam Filled comfort matrix calibrators with a 1 1/2" ventilated contouring memory foam comfort layer for a luxurious zero gravity sensation. Each side of the bed can be adjusted to meet your specific comfort and support needs in seven independent zones. Both you and your partner can experience the best sleep possible without compromise.

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The izone bed combines the no motion 'gel-like' feel of Foam Filled comfort matrix calibrators with a 1 1/2" ventilated memory foam comfort layer for a luxurious zero gravity sensation. Our unique design allows both you and your partner to independently adjust your side of the bed to meet your specific comfort and support needs. Seven individual zones from head to toe allow you to control your comfort and support needs from soft to super firm based upon your body type and preferred sleep position. The patented design of izone combines the best properties of refreshing air flow, natural pressure free water and contouring memory foam to create the ultimate hybrid bed. Experience for yourself all the izone bed has to offer for a full 90 nights. If you are not completely satisfied with this ground breaking new bed you can return it, FREE OF CHARGE, and we will provide you a full refund.

  • 10" Total Mattress Height
  • Plush Foam Filled Comfort-Matrix Calibrators Create a 'Gel-Like' Contouring Feel
  • 1 1/2"Ventically Ventilated Memory Foam in the Cover Allows for Contouring, Pressure Free Support
  • 3.5" Eco-Friendly CertiPUR-US® Antimicrobial Engineered Latex Provides Instant Responsiveness
  • Ventilating Oval Cut Channels Encompass the Calibrators and Allow for Refreshing Air Flow
  • 5" Eco-Friendly CertiPUR-US® Antimicrobial Blue Support Foam Provides Durable Support
  • Built-In Bed Bug Barrier Keeps Bed Bugs and Dust Mites Out of Your Mattress
  • Double-Head Zipper Makes for Easy Off and Easy On Mattress Cover
  • Removable Washable Cover Ensures Your Bed Remains Clean and Hygienic
  • Optional Flexible Bases Available to Complement Your izone Bed
  • Will Fit In a Traditional Mattress Bed Frame or Platform Bed

If you would like help in determining your ideal support settings before filling your calibrators, we can help with that! Our izone matrix can provide recommended fill levels.

Customer Reviews

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Great purchase Review by Jen G
I purchased the izone bed for my 16 year old son as a surprise.My son LOVES the iZone bed! I filled it myself (which was very easy to do) to the lowest settings to make it soft and he has not changed it at all. I am very pleased with the iZone bed and with the great customer service I received. My son absolutely loves the bed. The only problem I have is that I can't get him out of it!!!
(Posted on 4/29/2015)
Answer to my back pain Review by Cliff
I really like my Z1 bed. My back is feeling much better now and I sleep better and longer than I did before. I set it up myself and it was very simple and easy to do. I haven't had to make any adjustments, I got it right on the first go. I tried all 3 beds at the store and preferred the way the Z1 moves with you. It is super comfortable. I bought a double size so it was only $899. I sleep alone so I don't need the sides to be different so I just set the calibrators all the same for both sides. I sleep on my back so I have the back area firmer and it has really made my back pain go away. Don't let the low price fool you, I looked all over the store and this was the best bed there period. (Posted on 4/29/2015)
I zone with adjustable base Review by Sarah C
We purchased the I zone matress king size with adjustable bases and love it! We assembled the bed ourselves and it was very simple to follow the included instructions. We both sleep much better and have less aches and pain. (Posted on 4/27/2015)
Great bed Review by Lisa
We love our new izone bed. We can't believe how comfortable the izone bed is and how we do not wake up all night tossing and turning. (Posted on 4/26/2015)
Excellent & comfortable Review by Chara
This bed is amazing! It helps support myself and my husbands backs/spines. One of the best beds I have purchased. (Posted on 4/25/2015)
Love it Review by Tiffany
Got the king size bed. Plenty of room and love how you can adjust your settings. Would recommend it (Posted on 4/25/2015)
Glad we Came Back Review by Diana W
We were in search of a bed that would help my lower back issues and my husband's snoring and lack of quality sleep. We went to West County to check out the Sleep Number bed and happened upon The Bedroom Store's display of the iZone bed. When I heard it had water involved, I was pretty set against it. But then we tried it out and it was pretty darn comfortable! We then tried out the Sleep Number bed. It was nice, but the iZone was better. Again, I really didn't want to like it, but I did. A few months later we were ready to purchase, so we tried out other mattresses including the Tempurpedic. It was wonderful, but there was no way we were going to spend $9,000 on a mattress! I kept thinking about the iZone and had to convince my husband, who just wanted to make a purchase and be done with it, to go to the Bedroom Store and try that darn iZone one more time. We tried a lot of mattresses, but came back to the iZone. Azira at the South County store was really nice and patient with me! So we bought the bed!

We purchased the two XLong twin mattresses which fit in our king bed frame. We did this so we could raise and lower our head/feet independently of each other. I like the feet raised to take the pressure off of my lower back and my husband likes his head raised to help with breathing and eliminate (well, mostly eliminate) his snoring. What I really like about this bed is that when you raise your feet, the mattress bends in such a way that there is support under my knees. The other beds did not have that - the foot section went straight up. It is a bit difficult to put the fitted sheets on, but I'm getting better at it. They gave us one free sheet set and we purchased the other. The fitted sheets fit great. I would like to get two more fitted sheets, but I don't need the top sheet. We use one of our king sheets we already have so we can feel like we're in the same bed.

(Posted on 4/20/2015)
Great Mattress, flexible, comfortable Review by Pat the Mad Hat
You can lie down and really just sink into this bed. I can lie easily and comfortably on my sides or back and sleep through the night. The structure of the bed is great, with a separate "pocket" for the memory foam to keep it in place, and which allows you to clean, replace, or even just add more memory foam. The adjustable calibrators are just icing on top of (or in the middle of) the cake. We filled these ourselves at the beginning and haven't make an adjustment yet, but the simple knowledge that we can do so helps us sleep better at night (wink, wink).

Recommendations for purchasers: Probably go a little softer than you expect on the calibrators. When we adjust, I'm probably going to drop each of them on my side by as much as a quarter of the water inside. I want to let the foam do its work.

Recommendations for the manufacturer: You have double-zippers on the memory foam pocket, which is great! But only a single zipper on the structural foam component (which contains the calibrators). That means you pretty much have to tear down the whole bed to change them. (Posted on 4/20/2015)
Best sleep we've had since we were young Review by Judy Fisher
I have sciatica and had it for 10 years. This bed has made a big difference. Eliminated the pain. I have spinal stenosis, for those who have a problem with this the bed is wonderful. My husband just had knee surgery and has had back pain for years. Since he would fall asleep in his recliner in order to rest I bought this bed. Who would have thought what a difference it would make for us. We both didn't rest well even though we had a really nice sleep adjustable air bed, but this is so much better. No more getting up to go to the bathroom every 2 hours .We sleep better through the night. We feel more rested. My husband is a quiet kind of man who doesn't say much. He said I like this bed !!! Amazing!!! (Posted on 4/19/2015)
great bed Review by mike
Great bed really has helped my back. Customer support is very good thanks izone (Posted on 4/19/2015)

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